About The Client Consultation Form

What is the consultation form?

The client consultation is a step in the setup process to enable you to collect information about your client in an automated way, so that you have this additional information when you are building out their program in their account.  

If you do not need the consultation form in the setup process, you can turn it off from the Automated Messages and Events section in the web app. 


Editing The Customizable Consultation Form

To edit the form, simply paste on of the codes in sequence into the textbox. This can be a little complex so feel free to request some help from our customer success team to help you get this set up.



Previewing The Customizable Consultation Form

Once you have made any changes, you can preview the Consultation Form to help you see the changes in customization if you're working on modifying the form with your own questions. 

Simply click "Save and Launch Preview", and this will open a new tab with the Consultation Form displayed as it would be to a client

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