Creating Challenges for Your Clients


Let your clients compete and win points by working out, hitting their goals, and personal bests, completing a habit, and more.


In this article, we will go over how you can create challenges for your clients. 


Check out this how-to video to get started!:  




What types of Challenges can I create?  

There are two types of challenges available - Leaderboard and threshold challenges.
In both challenge types t
rainers can control rules by deciding on a points system. 


Type of Challenge  How it works
  • The Leaderboard challenge will always have 3 top winners.
  • This is used for more competitive groups.
  • Threshold challenges allow everyone to be the winner as long as they pass the determined threshold.
  • This can be used for less competitive clients who want to feel good about themselves by having multiple winners, not just the top 3.


Who can create a challenge? 


Account Type          ✔ or ✘
Owner/Manager            ✔
Admin           ✔
Shared/Regular Trainer           ✔
  • Note: The individual who creates a challenge will be the challenge leader by default.


How to create a challenge: 

  • Click on the Challenges tab > Hit the Blue NEW button >


  • Select a Challenge Type > Hit the Blue CONTINUE Button >   


  • Add Challenge Details:

    • Input the Name of your Challenge (Names must be unique) > Select a Start Date (Must be in the future) > Set the Duration  > Add a Description > Select a Thumbnail Image >  Hit the Grey NEXT Button >


    • The Challenge Start time is set to the same time zone as the Trainer creating the Challenge (the Trainer's timezone can be edited on their profile).
    • Challenges must be created at least 1 hour before start time to ensure the Challenge begins on time.
    • If considering counting clients' Daily nutrition goal hits (see below), we recommend creating the Challenge at least 24 hours ahead.
    • Thumbnail images must be in .jpeg, .jpg, or .png format with a maximum file size of 5MB

  • Set the Rules for your Challenge:

    • Leaderboard Challenges:
      Select the tick boxes next to the ways of earning points you would like to apply  > Set the number of points each occurrence is worth > Hit the Blue CREATE button! 


    • Threshold Challenges: 
      Select the tick boxes next to the ways of earning points you would like to apply  > Set the number of points each occurrence is worth > Select the points threshold participants need in order to pass the challenge > Hit the Blue CREATE button! 



Now that you've created your challenge– you can review the details, and add additional team members, and participants! 


How to Add Individual Participants:  

To Add Clients to your challenge:

  • Select the Leaderboard Tab > Hit the Blue NEW button > 


    • Select your clients from the drop-down Menu that appears > Hit the Blue ADD button > 



How to Add Additional Team Members

  • Select the Challenges Tab > Select the Rules & Settings Tab > Hit the blue ADD Button > 


  • Select Team members from the drop-down options > Hit the Blue ADD button. 



How to Mass-Add Participants: 

  • Navigate to the Client Tab > Select all clients you would like to add to a challenge (search by name, filters, or select clients individually from your client list) > 

    Screenshot 2024-05-30 at 17.42.05.png

  • Once you have selected your clients, hit the three-dot menu (...) > Select Add to Challenge from the drop-down menu > Select a Challenge > Hit the blue ADD button. 

    Screenshot 2024-05-30 at 17.53.40.png

  • Clients will have been mass-added to the challenge. 

    Screenshot 2024-05-30 at 17.55.50.png

How to Edit a Challenge Before it Starts:

Leaders can edit challenges only before they start.
Leaders can delete challenges at any time (when they are "upcoming", "in progress" or "completed").
To edit (or delete) a challenge: 
  • Select the Challenges Tab > Select the Rules & Settings Tab > Click the (...) Menu (indicated by the red arrow below) > Select Edit Challenge from the dropdown. 


Important note: Edits can only be made to challenges prior to their start date and time– once they begin they cannot be changed.


How can my clients participate in challenges once they've been added? (Mobile version coming soon)


  • Clients can view challenges that they have been added to via the homepage of their app under the MY CHALLENGES section as seen below. 


Screenshot 2023-07-25 at 11.21.49.png



Review participants and search your client list using challenge filters: 


Once clients have been added to a challenge, you can view the list of participants for any challenge from the challenges tab OR you can filter your client list by Challenge directly in the clients tab. 


  • To view participants directly within a Challenge:
    • Select the Challenges Tab > Select your desired Challenge > Click the Leaderboard option > View the participant list on the far right sidebar. 

Screenshot 2024-05-30 at 18.20.21.png

  • To review participants by searching within your Client list:
    • Select the Clients Tab > Hit the blue ADD FILTER button > Select Challenge from the drop-down options > Select the Challenge title you would like to search by.

      Screenshot 2024-05-30 at 18.19.21.png


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