Step 3: Going Live with Payments

Going live with payments in Trainerize will allow you to accept payments for the products you sell to clients.


To go live with your payments, you'll need to connect to a third-party payment gateway like Stripe. Stripe is currently the default payment gateway in Trainerize. 


1. Start Set Up in Trainerize

  1. Click Setup in the Payments left navigation menu.
  2. On the Setup page, under Stripe, click Sign up and Connect.
  3. There is a small cost of $7 USD per month to use Stripe Integrated Payments within Trainerize. If you haven't yet enabled integrated payments yet, Proceed to the Checkout to purchase the add-on to enable the step to Set Up Your Stripe Account.



2. Set Up Stripe Account

  • You will be prompted to set up and connect your Stripe account. Complete the set up.

Note: If you have an existing Stripe account you can enter the same email. A new Stripe account will be created and will connect to Trainerize for a seamless integrated payment experience within Trainerize. Your existing Stripe account will not be impacted nor connected to Trainerize. 




  • On the Bank Account Information screen, provide bank account details for where to deposit your money.


  • On the Customer Statement Information screen, fill in your descriptors.
    • Statement Descriptor: Choose the descriptor that will appear on your clients' credit card statements
    • Shortened Descriptor: Provided a shortened descriptor of your business name in the event you would like to add dynamic suffixes to provide more description of a purchase. The description will include the suffix and shortened description.
  • On the Verification Summary screen, confirm your information and click Submit.
  • Your Stripe account is now pending verification and once it has been approved, you will be able to accept live payments. 


Payment Processing Status Flow

There are two main statuses for Trainerize Pay: Live and Not Live.

  • When Not Live, no payments will be processed and you will not be able to sell any products.
  • After going live with Trainerize Pay, the Not Live status may switch to Live: Verification Required. In this case, you can process transactions, but you will not be able to receive bank payouts until you provide additional required fields.
    • While in the Live: Verification Required state, if you wait more than 7 days to verify your account, your payment processing may become paused (the Live status will change to orange). To fix this, provide the additional fields required. If this does not resolve the issue, please contact our Trainerize Help Center.
  • Providing additional verification information will change your account status from Live: Verification Required to Live: Pending Approval. No more action is required on your part. While waiting for final verification, you can continue to process payments and sell your products to your clients, and payments received will be paid out to your bank.

Once verified, your account will change from Live: Pending Approval to Live: All systems go! The payments setup process is finished.

Additional Verification Required

After setting up and going live with Trainerize Pay, there may be additional information required to verify your account depending on your country. You will be notified in Stripe in-app via a banner. Please follow instructions from Stripe to verify your account. 




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