About Group Settings

What can you control with Group Settings?

Settings for groups control the following features:

Where can I find the group settings?

Settings for groups can found by clicking on the three vertical dots to the right of the Group name. 


Auto-post Settings

We recommend that for training groups (where a master program is enabled) you keep Auto-posts on. This way your group members' activity like workouts/PB will be automatically posted and shared with the other participants in the group, building a sense of community and sparking social motivation. The best part? Other group members can react, cheering them on in their fitness journeys! That provides social motivation.



Trainerize Groups with more than 200 members will automatically have the auto-post feature disabled to prevent clients from getting overwhelmed by notifications from everyone which may hide the value-added content posted by trainers on your team.


Notification Preferences

In the group setting dialog, you'll see options for the type of notifications you, as a trainer, receive. (Note that your clients will be able to set this for themselves too.) This is also where you can decide what activities are automatically posted (shared) in the group, as well as who can post to the group. 


Posting Permissions

Why would you restrict a group that trainers can post

When you have a lot of clients, you might not want a lot of backscatter of random messages from people, it is useful to only allow trainers to post. Some ideas of groups like this are:

  • Announcement only groups (ie. staff or gym member wide group)
  • Super large scale transformation challenges (you don't want 1000 people commenting on every post so only trainer posts are visible)

First option is Initially when trainers create a group, they can select one of two options under "Who can post" - "Anyone" or "Trainers only":


Secondly, once trainers create a group, they can edit "Who can post" under group's settings:


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