What does the "Basic" client type entail and what does the client see?


When you add a client to your account, you will be asked to select a client "Type" every time. More information on the four types of clients here. 


In this article, we will go into detail about what it means to add a client as the "Basic" client type. The Basic client type is unique because it is the only client type that does NOT take up a client seat. This means, if you have purchased a Pro 15 plan for example, a Basic client will not count towards that 15 clients that you are paying for.

  • Please note: Although an unlimited number of Basic clients can be added to any paid plan, Free plans have a limit of 200 Basic clients.


Here are some other things to consider before selecting Basic when adding a new client:


Here is what Basic clients DO NOT have access to:

  • Basic clients cannot use messenger/groups
  • Basic clients cannot have training programs assigned to them
  • Basic clients cannot track workouts, cardio, meals, photos/body stats or sleep
  • Basic clients cannot be assigned to a trainer, only to a Location 

Here is what Basic clients DO have access to:

  • Basic client can have appointments
  • This means they also have a Dash, Calendar on the mobile app as well as a My Account section on the web
  • Basic clients can also purchase products using Trainerize Payments and view their transaction history when logged in
Here is the mobile app view from a client's perspective:
EA4AC969-DC96-437F-8EB2-980E6CA520DA.PNG 76C9A70E-10B9-46EE-917D-E8395286FC93.PNG 5AE8FD56-DBB7-4D33-AF58-6738BDC20B57.PNG
  • Notice how there are three tabs only: Dash, Calendar and More.
  • Although there is the familiar "plus sign" button at the bottom right, it leads to self-booking an appointment. The option to add a workout, meal, body stats etc will not appear. 
  • There is also no messenger icon as messaging is not included in the Basic client type.
  • Although there is a More tab with account info, it is limited compared to a client with a different client type assigned to them. The focus is more so on payment history, purchases and session credits.

Here is the web app view from a client's perspective:




At the top right of the page, there is a plus sign that will allow clients to book appoints on the web, similar to how they would book on the mobile app.



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