I have a Pro CBA but I upgraded to Studio - what are the next steps?

Congrats on upgrading to Studio!


This article breaks down the required steps to get your Studio Custom Branded App. 


The Studio CBA is included in your plan and offers more customizable features to showcase your brand, along with your own Apple and Google app store listing. The development of your Studio CBA is a collaborative process; you are required to have your own Apple Developer account and provide us with the necessary images, colours, and other app details to include in your app’s launch.


While waiting for your Studio CBA, your Pro app can still be used. 



Requirements to get your Studio Custom Branded App

  • Your business email address (e.g., email@yourbusiness.com)
  • Your business website
  • Your D-U-N-S® Number (verifies your business as a legal entity)
  • Your business Apple ID
  • An iOS device (for two-factor authentication)
  • Proof of ownership (if your legal entity differs from your App name)
  • Your business Credit Card (to pay the developer fee to Apple)

Note: these five items are mandated by Apple to enroll in the Apple Developer Program; this cannot be bypassed.


Steps to get your Studio Custom Branded App

Step 1: Enroll in the Apple Developer Program

Step 2: Add Trainerize as an admin on your Apple Developer Account

Step 3: Generate your Apple API Key

Step 4: Submit your brand assets 


How long does the process take? How soon can I have my App ready and live for my clients?

  • Typically, your app will be live within 4-6 business weeks. This range is dependent on when your Apple Developer Account is created and when we have been added as an admin. Additionally, time is spent on the design process and getting it approved by Apple/Google. Lastly, there may be rejections from Apple that we will have to dispute which will cause a delay in your app live date. Common rejections are:
      • Proof of ownership required
      • Proof of trademark required for the app name (if the name is taken in the Apple App Store) 

We suggest you keep these documents available to help with the turnaround time. We will assist in the process of disputing/claims.


Will there be any difference or lag in the app while I'm working on this? Will clients notice a change?

  • No, clients should not notice any changes at this time. When your white-label app is ready, you and your clients can log in with all your data/information there. 

What happens to my Pro Custom Branded App if I upgraded?

  • If you upgraded and previously had a Pro Custom Branded App with us; your Google link remains the same. You do not get a new Google Play Store listing. This would also mean, that anyone on your Android app will have your Studio app as long as they are updated to the latest version. You will receive your own iOS listing, which will require clients to download and log in with your own app. If clients choose not to download your app, the Trainerize "Fitness App" still works.


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