Pre-planning and checks before you launch the InBody and Trainerize integration

Ensure your devices are compatible

To ensure your InBody scale can speak with Trainerize, you will need to ensure your scales are cloud-compatible and you have the InBody Cloud solution. Here are some common deployment issues and who to reach out at InBody's side.

  • Your unit is not compatible with cloud service. You will need to upgrade to the latest model. You can call 323-932-6503 option 1.
  • Your unit has wifi available but does not have the cloud service option. You can reach out to our hardware support team to see if your devices are eligible for a firmware upgrade. You can reach out by phone 323-932-6503 ext 1002 or by email
  • Your unit is fully compatible and you just need to get InBody Cloud. You can reach out by phone 323-932-6503 ext 1010 or by email


Recommend Communication Logistics of Launch

Before you start, so they can raise your API limit and provision an empty cloud account (if needed). You will need to provide InBody the maximum number of clients at a single location that you wish to import, so they can raise your API limit to match. It is recommended to start from an empty InBody cloud account to ensure there are no mobile phone number conflicts.

It is recommended to deploy the InBody integration location by location.

  1. Set a launch date for launching the integration for a location.
  2. Communicate to your clients to update their mobile phone number, date of birth, height and biological sex in Trainerize by the launch date.
  3. On the launch date, click “Set up” beside the location you want to setup.
  4. To ensure data privacy, only Trainerize clients will be exported to InBody and then linked between the systems. Existing users and data within InBody will be ignored as there’s no way to authenticate and link to their Trainerize accounts.
  5. The setup process will run in the background and you will be emailed a status report when it has been completed. The following cases will cause a client not to be exported to InBody.
    • Mobile phone number already exists in InBody. Trainerize cannot create another InBody user with the same phone number.
    • Do not have height, sex, birth date or mobile phone number in Trainerize. These are required fields in InBody.
    • Clients who use “Unspecified” for sex in Trainerize. InBody does not support non-binary sex values.
  6. Once you’ve set up a location, any new weigh-ins will be automatically imported into Trainerize and a notification will be sent to the user. Existing data will not be imported.
  7. Repeat the process for the next location.

If you require to import existing data from InBody, please add your vote to this idea:

It is something that we are looking into with InBody, but it's not currently supported.

Getting your device registered and your InBody API key

  1. Do you have an LB Web account?
    • No, visit “” to register
    • Yes, proceed to next step
  2. Submit API application from “”
  3. Once approved, log into API site at “”
  4. After logging in, navigate to SETUP tab and submit API-KEY

Once you have your InBody API keys, you can now connect Trainerize to InBody.


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