How to connect InBody to Trainerize


You can now connect Trainerize and Inbody to gain deeper insights into your members’ health! When your members step on the Inbody scales, their weight, body fat mass and percentage, lean mass, and blood pressure are recorded right within the app—making it easy for members and trainers to see their progress over time.


Please note: The InBody integration is available to Enterprise customers only. 


1. Go to Add-ons > Integrations > InBody and select Connect. Only account Owners and Admins will see this integration option in their account. 



2. The next pop-up dialogue will remind you to ensure that you have an InBody Web API account and if you need to raise your API limit, to please reach out to Click Got it! if you'd like to proceed. 



3. Enter your country, login ID and API key and select Test Connection



4. On the next pop-up, you will need to copy the Webhook URL, API Key and Value (labelled 1, 2 & 3) and paste them to your InBody site as shown below. 


TRAINERIZE (copy from here): 



InBody (paste here): 


When you've clicked TEST, you can see that it was successful at the bottom of the screen. 


5. On the Trainerize end, you will get this message. Click the X at the top right to go back to your Integrations and see your locations. 



6. On this page, your locations will be displayed. Click Set-up on the location you wish to select and follow the steps as shown below.



7. Click Next. 



8. Read the note and click Next. 



9. Click Start Syncing. 



10. Click OK. 



When the sync is is complete, you will see this pop-up notification at the bottom of your screen as well as "Live" next the the location name instead of "Set-up". 




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