Studio/Enterprise Custom Branded App: Agreeing to latest terms on Apple Developer Account

From time to time, Apple has new licensing terms you must agree to. This is a necessary and required task. Only the Account Holder is able to do this. These updated agreements are required to maintain your Apple Developer account and we won't be able to complete it on your behalf. 

We recommend logging in to your Developer account on a regular basis to check for any notices. If any urgent issues are pending, you'll see a banner displayed across the top of the screen after logging in.  

If your account is not up to date, we will not be able to update your app. You may also put your app in risk of being removed from the App Store by Apple.


To accept terms on Apple, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Apple Developer website
  2. Enter your Apple ID, and then click Sign In
    • Noteyou must be logged in as the Account Owner. This cannot be completed by anyone else
  3. You should see a banner at the top of the screen—click Review Agreement to view the updated terms
  4. Check the confirmation box, and then click I Agree.

If you do not see the banner, try accessing the "Agreements, Tax, and Banking" page directly through your App Store Connect. Any important updates or approvals will always be shown on that screen.

For further instructions on accepting new or updated terms on Apple, please visit here


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