Adding Trainerize widgets to your mobile Dashboard (Clients - Android)


Clients have the option to add the following types of widgets:

  1. Things to do today
  2. Quick Add
  3. Calories In/Out
  4. Nutrition Goal
  5. Steps


Before we go into detail about the widget types, here's a refresher on how to access your widgets screen from Android devices: 


1. On your Home Screen, tap and hold any available space and then tap Widgets.


2. Next, tap on the Trainerize tile or search for the widgets from the search bar. 



Please note, Android widgets will pull new data every 30 minutes.


  • The Android widgets can pull new data once in 30 minutes due to technical limitations.
  • Widgets that support multiple sizes will have only 1 instance in the widget list. After user adds the widget to home screen, he can change its size (depending on widget, even large sizes are supported).

Here is an example of Calories In/Out for clients:






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