Adding Trainerize widgets to your mobile home screen (Clients - iOS)


Please note, the widgets feature is only available on iOS 14 and up. 


Clients have the option to add the following types of widgets:

  1. Things to do today
  2. Quick Add
  3. Calories In/Out
  4. Nutrition Goal
  5. Steps

We'll go over them below. Before we go into detail about the widget types, here's a refresher on how to access your widgets screen on iOS: 

  1. On your Home Screen, tap and hold any available space until the apps start to move. 
  2. At the top left of the screen, tap on the plus sign.
  3. Select the Fitness App widgets or search for them in the search bar. 




Things to do Today

  • Light and Dark operating system mode supported.
  • Small and Medium widgets supported.
  • Tapping on an item in the Medium widget works the same as if you've tapped on that item inside the app.
    • This is not the case for the Small widget; tapping on any list item there will just open the app.
  • The daily nutrition goal (which is not shown in client's calendar but only on dash) won't be shown in the widget.
  • When items are scheduled/completed/deleted, the widget list will update right away (as soon as the mobile app updates its own list).
  • If the widget is empty (nothing is scheduled for today), a null screen text will be displayed and tapping on it will lead to dash. The same happens if client taps on an empty part of the widget that has some scheduled items.



Quick Add

  • Light and Dark operating system mode not supported.
  • Small and Medium widgets are supported.
  • Small sized widgets have a "+" button which leads to the "Add to" overlay in the app.
  • Medium sized widgets have buttons for adding workouts, cardio, meals and body stats.
    • These buttons work in the same way as the ones in the "Add to" overlay in the app.
  • In the client's meal tracker settings, clients can select Fitbit, MFP or "in this app".
    • That setting affects the behaviour of the "add meal" button on the "add to" overlay in the TZ app and Meal button in the widget. If MFP/Fitbit app is not connected to TZ app, the button will link to the MFP/Fitbit connection screen (can be manually opened from "more" screen).

Calories In/Out

  • Light and Dark operating system mode supported.
  • Small and Medium widgets supported.
  • When the client's nutrition goal is hit, the colour will be yellow and if the value is too high above the goal, the colour is red.



Nutrition Goal

  • Light and Dark operating system mode supported.
  • Only Small widgets is supported.
  • Tapping on the widget opens the Caloric burn graph screen in app.
  • Calorie intake progress bar logic:
    • if a nutrition goal exists, progress bar shows the progress towards it ("burn & intake" widget type)
    • If there is no nutrition goal, progress bar will not be shown ("burn" widget type)
  • Caloric intake data is pulled from TZ server (same source that the TZ app uses).
  • No matter what the nutrition goal type is (Cal/Cal+pro/Full), when caloric intake progress hits the caloric goal, it turns yellow. When it goes over the goal, it turns red.
  • iOS widget pulls caloric burn data from Apple HK, so if the permissions weren't given and there is no nutrition goal, instead of caloric burn, this will be shown:




  • Light and Dark operating system mode not supported.
  • Only small widgets are supported.
  • Please note: iOS widgeta will show a null screen message if the client has not enabled data sharing in Apple Health App.
    • Tapping on the null screen message in widget leads to Apple Health screen on app.
  • When HealthKit data sharing is enabled, the RN app will pull the Steps data from Apple Health Kit. The widget will also pull data from the same source. It is possible for the phone and widget to show different values because the app and the widget pull data from Apple Health Kit separately.
  • Tapping on the widget (which shows Step data) leads to the "Steps" graph  in the app (same as if you tap on the "Steps" tile from within the app. 




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