How to Configure the Mobile App Layout by Client Type

When clients login to their account on the mobile app, they will first see their Dash tab. Here, there is a section called My Progress that contains tiles with various information. These tiles can be edited by the business owner to hide certain information (for example body weight or caloric intake if that's not something you focus on with your clients) from the main Dash tab. 



Owners can setup their ideal mobile app layout based on their business in their account settings on the web. These changes will take effect for all new clients added after the change was made. Any current clients that already exist will not be affected. Trainers and clients however, can go into their accounts on the mobile app and customize for that individual client as well.


In this article we will go over: 

1. How can account owners setup their mobile app layout? 

2. How can clients (and trainers) edit their mobile app layout?



How can account owners setup their mobile app layout? 


To access this feature, go to Add-ons > Custom Branded Mobile App > Mobile App Layout as shown below. 



You can customize your clients' app layout based on the two client types shown below. Once you have selected the client type, click Reorder on the right side of the screen.



You will then see a pop-up dialogue that allows you to drag and drop the widgets from left to right and vice versa. The tiles you want to hide go to the right side. On the left side, you can drag and drop the tiles within the list on the left to rearrange the order. Remember to click Save when you're done. 




How can clients (and trainers) edit their mobile app layout? 


Select the gear icon on the Dash tab. On the next screen, drag and drop the widgets from the Displayed list to the Hidden list. Tap the Save button at the top right when you're done. 







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