How to Cast On-demand Video Workouts using Google Cast

Easily stream on-demand video workouts from your mobile device to any Android TV or Chromecast device. Viewing a workout video on a bigger screen makes it easier and more enjoyable to follow along! Learn how below.



Please note: Both Android and Apple devices can cast from the mobile app to any Android TV or Chromecast device.



Step 1: Start the Video Workout by tapping Start Now




Step 2: On the next screen, tap on the video to bring up the player bar. At the bottom right you will see the casting icon. Tap on it.




Step 3: On the next screen, select the device you would like to cast to.




Once you make a selection, the on-demand video workout will then be cast to that particular Android TV or Chromecast device and you will see the message shown below on your mobile device.





Please note:  For ChromeCast, on Apple OS14+, it will ask for permission first and then it will load the list of devices. Once you allow it the first time, it won’t ask again in the future.



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