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What is the cost to hire an Expert?

The cost to hire an Expert will vary depending on the rate of each expert and the project. You can view an Expert's Upwork profile or website for an idea of their rate if it is listed. If not, once you are connected to the Expert, you may receive a quote from the Expert regarding the cost of completing your project. 


How do I handle payment when hiring an Expert?

Payment for your Expert will not be handled through Trainerize. You will need to discuss with your Expert after being connected the form of payment that they require. Perhaps it is paid through their Upwork profile or via a third-party payment app like Paypal. This is entirely done between you and your Expert. 


How are disputes handled? 

As per our Terms for the Experts Program, Trainerize will not be involved in any disputes that arise between you and the Expert. The dispute must be handled amongst the two parties involved. 


How can I provide feedback after working with an Expert?

After your project has been completed, you will be sent a feedback survey via email to let us know how your experience went. We value your feedback and will continue to improve upon the Experts program to better meet your needs. 


How can I apply to become listed as an Expert?

If you wish to be featured as an Expert and become part of our Experts program, you are welcome to apply here. After completing your application, it will be reviewed by the Trainerize team. If we believe you may be a good fit as an Expert, we'll contact you for an interview for a further, detailed discussion. 


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