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Congratulations! Your Custom Branded App is finally live! In this article, the following frequently asked questions will be answered:

How/when will I be notified that my app is published?

Once both your Apple and Android app is live on the Apple App and Google Play Stores respectively, you will be notified by our team (your Onboarding Specialist and/or Account Manager). We only notify you when both are published. 


How do I download my app?

This depends on your device. The app is available on the Apple App and Google Play Stores. Your Onboarding Specialist/Account Manager will provide you with the links for both. To view the direct links from the Trainerize/ABC web app:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. On the left-hand dashboard, click on Add On
  3. Go to Custom Branded Mobile App > Summary
  4. The links on the page are your direct links to your store 

Once both apps are live, when you invite a client, they will be directed to the links above.


Are my clients going to be automatically transferred to my own app?

No. Your newly launched app is a separate app; that means you and your clients will have to download your new app. However, all data and log-in information remain the same. 

Once your custom app is ready, it's best to make the switch as soon as possible as notifications will only be sent to your custom app from there on out. If you're using more than one device, make sure to update them so they're all running your new custom app.


How can I notify my clients and trainers to download the new app? 

Once you have the links to your new app, you can send your clients a message on the web app.

  1. Simply head over to the Clients page
  2. Select all of your clients
  3. Send them a message with links to download your new app.

Ensure it the message is set to 'send separately' and not 'send to group'. Next, repeat the process to send the links to your trainers.

In addition, you may want to include the download links on your social media like Instagram bio or a new post to encourage clients to make the switch.


Do I delete the Trainerize ‘Fitness App’? Can I still use the Trainerize app? 

If you previously had an unbranded account, you and your clients can continue to use the Trainerize app if need be. However, as it is not your own custom app, we suggest notifying your clients to delete the Trainerize app and download your own custom app. All data and client information is transferred to your own app—there will be no lost data.

The Trainerize ‘Fitness App’ will also be branded to match with your app, but will not be as customized. 


What happens to my Pro Custom Branded App if I upgraded? 

If you upgraded and previously had a Pro Custom Branded App with us; your Google link remains the same. You do not get a new Google Play Store listing. This would also mean, anyone on your Android app will have your Studio/Enterprise app as long as they updated to the latest version.


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