How to Automate Attaching a Meal Plan PDF to your Clients using Zapier


Create a Zap that will automatically deliver a meal plan to a client when they purchase a product or when the product starts. The process is similar for both triggers. 


Note: If you select New Purchase, the meal plan will be attached immediately to the client's profile when they make purchase. If you select Product Start, the meal plan will be attached only when on the start date of a product.  


Step 1 - Upload your meal plan PDF online

  • Upload your meal plan PDF to an online storage like Google Drive or Dropbox



Step 2 - Create a Trigger

  • Visit Zapier and create a new Zap 
  • For the app, select Trainerize
  • For the trigger, select either Product Start or New Purchase 



  • Connect your Trainerize account



  • Zapier will then find some data, to ensure the trigger is set up properly
  • Ignore the details concerning the product



Step 2 - Connect the Google Drive Action

  • Next, create an action with Google Drive to locate and find your meal plan PDF
  • For the app, choose Google Drive
  • For the Action Event, select from the drop down to find "Find a File"



  • For Choose Account, connect to your Google Drive account
  • For Customize File, type in the name of your meal plan PDF that was saved to your Google Drive



  • Select Test and Continue to send the data and see if the Zap can retrieve your file



Step 3 - Create the action to attach a meal plan PDF with Trainerize

  • Create a second action within the Zap
  • For app, choose Trainerize
  • For the action event, choose Attach Meal Plan PDF
  • For choose account, select the same Trainerize account connected in Step 1
  • For customize meal plan,
    • For email, put in a test email 
    • For file, from the drop down menu select "Find a File in Google Drive", then select "File (exists but not shown)"
  • Lastly, send the data by clicking "Test and continue" and turn on your Zap!



Trainerize provides support for the use of the Shared Zaps. Any other connections made with Zapier will be supported by Zapier's help team.


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