How to include video call sessions in your clients' programs


Video call sessions are appointments that you can sell as part of a training package. Trainerize Calls are perfect for complementing your existing business! Unlike Facetime or Zoom, this feature is designed with a paywall so that you can charge a premium for this additional service. After all, your time is money and it should be treated that way!
TZ_Pay_Products.pngBetter for business!

This service makes an excellent “Add-on” to one of your “core products”. For example, instead of selling your client a 60-Day Transformation package for $100, you can upsell them a package deal that includes the 60-day transformation and four Personal coaching calls for $200. These figures are just examples, but you can experiment and create packages that best suit your business model.

Here are some examples of ways you can offer services with video call sessions:

  • Assessments and Consultations
  • 1-1 Personalized Coaching calls
  • Habit Coaching calls
  • Nutrition Coaching calls
  • Business Coaching calls

Better for clients!

Not only does this add more revenue to your bottom line, but it also adds more value in terms of the services you’re able to provide! The best part about having a personal trainer is the 1-1 attention and accountability that you bring to the table.

Video call sessions give you the opportunity to connect with clients on a deeper level. Often, client struggles are less related to their physical state and more related to their mental state, so use these conversations as a tool to empower them and help them overcome barriers related to their health and wellness. Put the ‘personal’ in personal training online.


TUTORIAL/ Screenshots:


To create a new appointment, open your Trainerize web app:

You create your own appointment type by heading to the settings tab on the left. Under Advanced business settings, you’ll see ‘Appointment types’. You can edit the existing appointment type by changing the name or length of the appointment. You also have the option to build a new one. Let’s say you wanted to create a 45-minute Habit Coaching call as one of your services. You can do that by clicking 'add-new'

To schedule your new appointment, head over to the “Appointments” tab.


On your calendar, you can click on any date and have the option to schedule an appointment with one of your clients. If you manage a gym, you can also schedule your trainers and book appointments for them. Easily select the time and which client to invite to the appointment.



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