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How to connect to ABC Fitness Solutions

Connecting to ABC Fitness is available only for Studio and Enterprise plans.

With the ABC Fitness integration for Trainerize, you can bring both your in-person and online businesses together. By syncing your ABC Fitness contracts into Trainerize, you'll be able to import your in-person clients or members into Trainerize and offer them digital fitness experiences. 


  1. Sign in with the Trainerize business owner's account.
  2. Go to Add-ons > Integrations and click Connect.
  3. You can request the API connection form to be sent to your email.
  4. Click on the e-sign link and complete the information in the form. If you need your DataTrak club ID, it can be found in the top left corner after you sign into DataTrak.
  5. If you have multiple DataTrack Clubs, you can connect to all of them under one Trainerize account.  In order to do that, put all the Datatrack Club IDs in the e-sign form. One DataTrack Club Number can be mapped to one Trainerize location. If you need to set up multiple locations under your Trainerize account, you can do that in the Settings. 
  6. Upon signing the form, we will be notified and our team will work on getting you connected. It usually takes a few hours (within PST business office hours), but it can take up to a day depending on volume. 


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