Studio/Enterprise Custom Branded App: Google Developer Account

This article is going to provide a break-down of everything related to helping you get you Google Developer Account. This is a requirement to obtain your Custom Branded App under our Studio and Enterprise segments. 

All businesses who want to publish an app for Android users are required to create a Google Play Store Developer Account. To create a Google Play Store account to publish your App, you will need to pay a $25 (USD) developer fee charged by Google.


Requirements for a Google Play Store Developer Account

You will need the following to be able to create a Google Play Store Developer Account: a business email under Gmail.  If you do not have a Gmail account then you will be prompted to create one. 

How to create a Google Play Store Developer Account

 Note: have a credit card ready as there is a $25 (USD) developer fee charged by Google annually.

Follow the steps below to create your Google Play Store Developer Account:

1. Go to Google Play Store Console
2. Create an account or log into your Gmail.

To create a new Gmail account:

  • Fill out the form
  • Click Next Step
  • Click Back to Google Play Developer Console

3. Select the Google Play Developer distribution agreement check-box to acknowledge your agreement, and click Continue to payment to pay the $25 (USD) fee.

4. Enter your payment information, and click Accept and continue.

5. You will receive an email from Google notifying you when your account is ready to be activated.
Note: This process can take up to a week to activate.

6. Activate your Account

Additional Requirements

For your Android App, we will require two additional pieces from you: the API Key and the Transaction ID.


Once you have created your Play Store Console account you will have to follow the steps below to provide Trainerize with API Key to allow us to publish your App:


1.   Log in to your Google Play Developer account here.

2.  Click Settings on the lefthand menu.

3.  Click API access.

4.  Click ACCEPT ALL if there's a pop up.


6.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and click CREATE SERVICE ACCOUNT.

7.   Do not click DONE yet, please click Google API Console at the top.



8.  Click the box to agree to the Terms of Service and then click ACCEPT.


9.  Make sure your window is wide enough so that you can see + CREATE SERVICE ACCOUNT at the top.

10.  Click + CREATE SERVICE ACCOUNT at the top.


11.  Type the name of your organization for the Service Account Name

12.  Leave description blank

13.  Click Create

14.  Select a role and choose Service Account > Release Manager or Admin


15.  Click Continue.

16. Under Service account admins role add cbfa@trainerize.comimage__53_.png

16.  Click Create Key at the bottom



17.  Select JSON, Click Create.


18.  A notice pops up, "Private key saved to your computer," and a JSON file is downloaded automatically.

22.  In the URL box at the top of your browser, navigate to


23. Click Settings


24. Click API Access


25.  Click on Grant Access for the newly added service account


26.  Choose Release Manager from the Role dropdown

27.  Click Add User to close the dialog



Transaction ID 

Last step in the Google Developer Account process is your Transaction ID. The Transaction ID is needed, as it allows Trainerize to transfer your Custom Branded App to your Google Developer Account if you upgraded your account from our Pro segment to our Studio or Enterprise segments.

To find the transaction ID, search your email inbox for the payment confirmation email from Google when you paid the $25USD fee.

If you can’t find the transaction ID email receipt:

  1. With the account owner's email address, sign in to Google Payments.
  2. On the left menu, select Subscriptions and services.
  3. On the “Other purchase activity” card, select View purchases.
  4. Select the “Google Play” (or "Android Market") registration transaction.
  5. You will see your Transaction ID at the bottom right corner of the page.

Note: Registration transactions IDs are typically in one of the following formats:

  • 01234567890123456789.token.0123456789012345
  • 0.G.123456789012345
  • Registration-1234ab56-7c89-12d3-4567-8e91234567f8
  • PDS.1234-5678-9012-3456



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