Video Coaching Pricing

Available as an add-on to your paid Trainerize plan, Video Workouts, and Video Call Sessions are the perfect way to give your training programs an extra dose of personality and engagement. 

In order to use Video Workouts and/or Video Calls, you will first need to purchase the Video Coaching Add-on.


The pricing for the Video Coaching Add-on is outlined in the chart below.

Pro Studio Enterprise

$10/month for:

- 50 hours of video calling

- 100 hours of video streaming

500 hours of video calling and 5000 hours of video streaming are included in the Studio Plan. If you need more hours, you can purchase extra time. Custom pricing.


You can purchase the Video Coaching add-on one of three ways:


1. When you upgrade to a Pro Plan, you will be prompted to select the add-on.



2. Under Add-ons > Trainerize Add-ons, you can select Video Coaching.


3. By upgrading to one of our Studio plans, the Video Coaching feature is included in your plan.


Calling time:

  • Calling time is the total combined duration each client in your video call spends watching your video workouts. (e.g. a 1 hour video call, with 40 clients, will use 40 hours of video calling). 


Streaming time:

  • Streaming time is the total amount of time your clients collectively spend watching your video workouts.
  • As soon as a client presses play on a video workout, they start to use up streaming time. Closing and rewatching a video again counts as a new stream.
  • When jumping to different timestamps in a video (scrubbing forward or backward) only the time spent actually playing the video counts toward streaming time (e.g., watching 5 minutes of a video, then jumping ahead 5 minutes and watching for another 10 minutes counts as 15 minutes of streaming time, not 20 minutes).
  • Streaming time is consumed by 1-minute intervals.


What happens if I run out of streaming or calling time?

  • If you run out of streaming or calling time, your clients will not be able to watch any of your video workouts or join any video call appointments until you top up your account. When this happens, the account owner will be notified that the streaming or calling time has run out.

  • To prevent this from happening, we recommend you turn on the Auto-recharge option. We will outline the steps below:

    • Select Setup for the hours you want to have auto-reload on for

    • Select the number of packs you want to auto-recharge at a time

    • Once you save your changes, you can go back and edit or remove the auto-recharge option at any time

    • Your time will automatically reload whenever you have 1 hour remaining.


A note about Video Workouts:

  • The Video Workout option can only be used on a paid plan
  • Without the video coaching add-on, you can upload videos under 5 minutes at no extra cost
  • Videos over 5 minutes will require a subscription to the Video Coaching add-on

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