How to create a library of at-home Fitness/Yoga/Studio Classes for your gym members and PT clients

This article walks you through the steps of creating a library of at-home Fitness/Yoga/Studio Classes for your studio or gym members and PT clients.


Step 1.

First things first - create an account at We offer a Free 30-day trial where you can add unlimited clients.


Step 2.

If you film your Fitness/Yoga/Studio Classes you'll want to upload them to YouTube as 'unlisted' first.


Step 3. Add them to the Trainerize Video Library:

You can import them one by one:


Or you can set up the YouTube Add-On and do a batch Import.


Step 4. Then you can create a workout with that video

Go to Master Workout -> New Workout -> Name it (e.g., "Vinyasa Yoga Class") -> Add Exercise (the video you uploaded above) to the workout -> Save

Repeat for as many 'classes (workouts)' you have!


Step 5. Create a Program with all your classes so clients can choose from them!

Master Program -> Build New -> Monthly Yoga Subscrption -> Set the duration (i.e 1 phase of 4 weeks for a month) -> Open the training phases tab -> Import From -> Master Workouts -> Select all the classes from the step above that you built.





Step 6. Add your clients (Clients -> New) and subscribe them to that program!


Note: If you have 100s or 1000s of clients you probably want to automate how you add the clients in. You can do this with our Mindbdy integration.

Step 7. To upgrade to a paid plan go to Settings -> Billing -> Compare all Plans!

You can use Trainerize for 30 days for free with all features enabled except add-ons. Take advantage by starting your online training business and when you are ready to take it to the next level, please select a plan.


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