How can clients connect to Apple Health and Apple Watch

Clients can sync wearable data from their Fitbit, Withings and Apple Watch devices and wearables through the Apple Health/Watch integrations.


How to enable the integration on your account

The Apple Health/Watch integration is currently in BETA. This means it will not be visible in your accounts by default. Owners/Admins need to first enable the integrations from Addons > Integrations > Beta Labs > Sync with Apple Watch.




How to invite clients to connect their Apple Health app and Apple Watch device

From the client profile (on web or on mobile) you have the option to invite your clients to connect to Apple. An automated message is sent


This message can be found in "Automated messages and events" and looks like this:



What happens after a client connects to Apple Health and Apple Watch?

After connecting clients are greeted by a few informative screens about how to best use their Apple Watch to track their wearable data.



What type of data syncs?

With this new integration, you’ll be able to see your clients':

  • Steps
  • Sleep
  • Calories burned (active vs resting)
  • Lean body mass
  • Blood pressure
  • Resting heart rate

This BETA release is the first in a series that will lead us to *drumroll please* a full integration with the Apple Watch, where your clients can track their workouts, caloric burn, heart rate, and more live and on the go! 


Where can you see this new data?

The Apple Health and Apple Watch data will be visible in a couple of places such as the client dashboard, the client progress graphs both on the web and on the mobile.

If you are not able to see the new dashboard tiles - you can now enable them by following the instructions in this article.

TZ Tip: Tie in wearable data with daily habits for a more holistic way of training. Wearables allow us to drive healthier habits by allowing clients to measure more and better based on their devices.





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