Myfitnesspal: Diary sharing and seeing the details of your clients meals

Up until recently, when a client synced their Myfitnesspal account to their Trainerize account you were only able to see an overview of their daily calories and macronutrients. 

We have since updated our integration with Myfitnesspal to now include the detailed list of what your clients ate for the day, the calorie breakdown for those meals, and a more comprehensive overview of their micronutrient consumption.

Step 1: Ask your client to change their Myfitnesspal sharing settings

In order for our integration to work correctly with Myfitnesspal, your client will first need to change their Myfitnesspal food diary sharing settings to "Public".

You can forward the instructions below to your client for making their Myfitnesspal food diary public.

  1. Press the "More" button on the bottom right of the Myfitnesspal app.
  2. Press the "Settings" option on the menu
  3. Press "Sharing & Privacy"
  4. Press "Diary Sharing"
  5. Change the diary sharing settings from "Private" to "Public"

Once your client has made their diary settings public they can sync their Myfitnesspal account to their Trainerize account so you can see their food logs. 


Step 2: Review your clients meal and nutrition data from your Trainerize account

You can review your clients detailed daily nutrition by opening their calendar and clicking the log of a day.

On desktop:


On Mobile:


What will you be able to see?

  • Total Daily Calories
  • Total Daily Protein
  • Total Daily Fat
  • Total Daily Carbohydrate
  • Total Daily Fiber
  • Total Daily Sodium 
  • Total Daily Sugar
  • Detailed description for each meal logged
  • Calorie breakdown for each meal logged


🍓 We’re excited to share that a brand new way to deliver nutrition coaching is on the way! From allowing clients to track their meals right within the app to delivering sample, custom meal plans in seconds and so much more, you’ll empower your clients to make healthier choices and level up on their health. 

Start your journey with nutrition coaching and be the first to know when it’s here! Get on the list today!




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