Upgrading and Verifying Your Trainerize Pay Account

Due to changing international regulations and innovations in online payment security, everyone already using Trainerize Pay will be required to upgrade their add-on by March 31, 2020

There’s no additional cost to upgrade and all you need to do is:

  1. Log into the Trainerize web app

  2. On the main dashboard, locate the Trainerize Pay Upgrade banner and click “Upgrade”.

    This will take you to a more detailed prompt with information about the new security measures and the steps you'll need to take.

    Although the banners are visible to both account owners and admins, only account owners can complete the upgrade process and verify account information. If you are an admin and see the banner, please notify your account owner so they can complete the process.


  3.  Read the prompt carefully. We recommend you only proceed to the upgrade you are prepared with all the relevant documents and information for your business.

    Once you click "Upgrade Now" This will run a quick security check on your account. It might take a few seconds, so please be patient.


  4. Once the security check is complete, wait for further instruction. You will either be prompted with a message that says there are no additional checks required, or you will be prompted with a request to verify some information.

    You may be told that no information is required at that time and then later (once the system has had additional time to process) see a new banner asking you to verify your information.


  5. If you are presented with a dialog or a new banner asking you to verify information, click the “verify” button. 

    You will be redirected to a page outside the Trainerize web app asking you to provide or confirm your account details. This page and the entire verification process is managed by our payment infrastructure partner, Stripe, and is 100% secure.  


  6. Follow the prompts and submit the necessary information.

    The information you will be asked to submit is based on both your country and how you set up your Trainerize Pay account, and whether you identified as an individual or a company. If you discover that you do not have the information being asked for (e.g., certificate of incorporation), please submit a support request to our team and we can help you modify the way your account is set up. 


  7. Once complete, you will be redirected back to the Trainerize web app.

    After completing the verification process, you may later be asked again to verify different or additional information, so keep an eye out for banners notifying you about additional actions required. 

This new verification process falls under “Know Your Customer” obligations and is designed to help reduce payment fraud and make the entire system more secure.

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