How to manually sync data from MyFitnessPal into Trainerize


The MyFitnessPal integration for Trainerize is a powerful way to gain access to your clients' nutritional information and to see exactly what they're eating on a daily basis. 

Once set up, the integration will automatically sync the data over from MyFitness Pal into Trainerize, but in rare cases that sync might be interrupted. 

When that happens, you can often still access the data by asking your clients to initiate a manual sync.

Clients can do this from their mobile app by navigating to More > Connected apps and devices > MyFitnessPal then tapping "Sync now".

They can repeat this process as often as needed to pull meal data into Trainerize and allow you as their trainer to see it. You will need to ask each individual client to do this if you want to see their data.



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