Why is the Site Designer No Longer Available?


Site designer was a great way of providing trainers and studio owners with a quick and easy way of having a website. While the site designer definitely had value, the limitations are steadily outpacing the value trainers were receiving.

So what's next? 

We are happy to tell you that Trainerize.me is the next version of the site designer. Trainerize.me excels in areas where the site designer finds itself to be outdated.

Unlike site designer, Trainerize.me is built to be mobile-friendly, allowing for all your images, text, and information to be presented in a beautiful way, regardless of whether the person is viewing from a phone, tablet, or computer.

Trainerize.me has been built with all the features of Trainerize in mind, like Trainerize Pay, allowing you to collect payments and automate the delivery of training programs to the purchasers' calendar.

Trainerize.me also allows you to use our own search engine optimization, driving relevant traffic to your page and increasing the chances for new clients to purchase programs you host on your profile.

All of these powerful features will continue to be complemented by new ones as we move forward with Trainerize.me, ultimately creating an easy to use, out of the box web page to build your business online.

Here's how to get started with your Trainerize.me Profile:

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