Phasing out of Site Designer (Q1 2021)


What was the site designer?

Site designer (Trainerize v1) was a great way of providing trainers and studio owners with a quick and easy way of having a website. While the site designer definitely had value, the limitations are steadily outpacing the value trainers were receiving. It was not customizable enough to build a full website, but too complex for most trainers to quickly use to sell their services.

What will replace the site designer? is the replacement of the site designer. is a simple, out of the box profile page that trainers can quickly use to advertise themselves and have clients pay for products. All this with no configurations required. is built to be mobile-friendly, allowing your profile to be beautifully presented on a mobile phone, tablet, or  computer. It reads from your Trainerize in-app profile and there's no configurations necessary.

Your profile also allows any products you build within Trainerize to be published there for clients to self-serve and purchase it.

Your profile is search engine optimized. You can publish articles onto your profile to drive traffic to your page.

Here's how to get started with your Profile:


Retirement in Q1 2021

The site designer will be retired permanently in Q1 2021. We will be announcing a date for this in Q3. We advise businesses to begin looking for a replacement.

For a fully customizable, drag-and-drop website builder, we recommend:

  • Wix 
  • Shopify
  • Wordpress
  • Squarespace
  • Clickfunnels

For a simplified landing page:

  • Facebook Business Pages
  • Instagram Business Profiles


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