Client access is moving to the mobile app first (coming in Q3/Q42020)


Why we are going mobile first?

Less than 2% of Trainerize clients use the web app today. Going forward, our plans for new features like habits, more wearable integrations (like Apple Watch) simply work better using a mobile phone.

This will also allow for the introduction of some new exciting features and integrations that are mobile-centric like tracking meals, goals, and habits. As these new features require on-the-go entry via the mobile app, or pairing with an Apple Watch or Fitbit, we found that they are therefore not compatible with a web version of the app.

That said, with all these upcoming changes and new features on the horizon we feel that the best way to serve you and your clients is to dedicate our team’s creativity and energy to the new integrations and features on the mobile app.

We want to ensure we focus our resources making the best mobile app your client can experience, while ensuring the web-app becomes more productive to help trainers do their work faster and more efficiently. 

 What does this change mean?

  • The web app for trainers will see no changes. 
  • The web app for clients will be simplified, where clients can:
    • View/print their training phase
    • Manage their purchases (if you are using Trainerize Pay)
  • Clients will need to use the mobile app to track their exercise, nutrition, habits, progress and trainer communication.


What should I do before the transition?

2 months before the upgrade of Trainerize V8 (coming in 2020), we will allow your clients to preview and switch to V8 before the official switch, so they can visualize the changes.


What if I have more questions?

If you need help or have unanswered questions about this change, please feel free to reach out to your trainer directly, or reach out to us and express your concerns. We always welcome your feedback and we use it as an opportunity to learn and improve.


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