Client access is going mobile first (Q2 2021)


Why we are going mobile first?

Only 2% of all client access are done on the web app today. 98% of access is done via the mobile app. 

Similarly, many of our planned features work better as mobile features. Apple Watches can only be paired via the iPhone. Clients will track workouts with their phones at the gym. Users want to complete their habits as soon as they complete, immediately on their phone or Apple Watch.  

Hence, we feel that the best way to serve you and your clients better is to focus our team’s creativity and energy on the mobile app.

What does this mean?

Client web access is not going away, just simplified. We will be simplifying client web access for the features that matter to the client on the web - payments, messaging and any features that work better with a larger screen.

  • Changing their payment methods
  • Accessing groups and messages
  • Checking things to do today 
  • Attending video calls
  • Joining in video workouts
  • Viewing and printing workouts from current training phases 

All new features (like habits) will be launched mobile first. Large screens features like video calls and on-demand video workouts, will be launch for both.

Trainer web access stays the same, will become more powerful. We will continue to invest in features and shortcuts that make workout programming, nutrition and habit coaching workflows easier and faster to perform on the web.   

When will the transition happen?

It is currently planned for Trainerize v8's final release in Q4 2020. We will announce it before the upgrade and clients will have a chance to preview the changes coming when they sign into the web.


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