Copy Product and Checkout Link

Want to use Trainerize Pay to do the final checkout of the product? Simply grab the payment link. This is how it looks like during the checkout flow.


Find payment link

In Payments, go to Product page.



On the right side, there is a link icon with two options in the dropdown. 

  • Copy Product link
  • Copy Checkout link

Copy Product Link

If you want to share your products on social networks, use Product Link. It would share selected product.
When someone clicks on that link, he will be redirected to Product preview page with product description and option to purchase the product.



Copy Checkout Link

If you want to use Trainerize Pay to do the final checkout of the product on your web site you can copy Checkout link and embed to your web site. If you connect link with your buy button, your customer will be redirected to Trainerize checkout dialog. He will need to add payment information to purchase the product. 

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