Sharing Products with a Product or Checkout Link

There are 2 types of links that allow you to help you close a self-serve sale online. 

  • The Product Link allow you to quickly share a product details on Instagram, Facebook or within an e-mail. 
  • The Checkout Link takes you to pay and checkout for that product. This is used when you're integrating a Buy button on your Facebook page or website.  

Where to find links?

Go to  Payments >  ProductOn the right side, there is a link icon with two options in the dropdown. 

  • Copy Product link
  • Copy Checkout link


About Product Link

If you want to share your products on  Facebook, Instagram or other social media - use the Product Link. 
When someone clicks on that link, they will be redirected to a Product preview page with a product description and an option to purchase the product.



About Checkout Link

If you want to use Trainerize Pay to do the final checkout of the product from your web site, you can copy the  Checkout link and embed it on your web site. This makes taking payment directly from your website super easy to integrate and makes for a seamless experience for the client.

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