Programming Heart Rate Cardio Interval Workouts

One of the common protocols trainers might prescribe to a client is to program a metabolic conditioning workout using heart rate intervals during a run.

Here we compare 2 approaches of building the same workout and the client experience your client gets inside the app.


Method 1 - Adding protocols as text, not the best experience for clients

A common way we've seen trainers add HR cardio interval is by entering the training details as a block of text in the targets for a run. While this certainly works, the client would need to read and manually monitor the timer and change their speed/intensity when the time elapses.



Method 2 - Build these as an interval workout, so it's app-guided

A better way of programming HR cardio intervals is as an interval workout. Shown here is the exact same workout, built as an interval workout, with the different targets on separate running blocks. 

The main benefit is it offers a better client experience. When the clients pull the workout up and starts the workout, they simply follow the app. The app gives audio guidance at the right times. 

Additionally, building the workouts this way allows you to progress/regress the sequence of scheduled workout with the Progression Editor.


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