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Last Update: April 11th, 2024:

Under Investigation:

  • Crashing on Android/Samsung Devices (Open): We have had reports that some users on the Android and/or Samsung devices may experience crashing when opening and/or using the ABC Trainerize mobile application. The issue may also happen when navigating away from and back to the application. If you are experiencing any of these issues described above, please reach out to our support at

Recently Resolved

  • Users on Google Chrome Unable to Upload PDF Meal Plan (Resolved)We have had reports that some trainers are unable to upload .PDF meal plans to client profiles. This issue is due to cacheing and/or an outdated version of the web browser. Please ensure your version of Chrome is up-to-date and if the issue persists on the newest version of Chrome, please clear your cache.
  • Users on the Web Using Safari May Experience a Blank Page on Certain Parts of the Platform (Resolved): We are aware of an issue that some users are experiencing when loading parts of the web platform on Safari. We have identified that this affects users on older Mac OS/Safari versions with outdated versions of the browser. Please ensure your OS and Safari are both up to date. If your device is unable to update to the newest version of Mac OS/Safari, using Google Chrome may be a reliable work around as it is the browser that our platform is optimized for. You can download Google Chrome for free here.
  • Delayed Weekly Calculations for Client (Resolved) : Our team recently made improvements to our system that will resolve an issue where users may have experience a delay in Weekly compliance and engagement metrics found on the Client Grid/Client Progress Tab.


Open Issues

Web App: 

  • Training Phase Page Jumps Back to Current Training Phase (Open): When editing a Program, attempting to navigate to a different page number for a phase in the future or past may jump the user back to the same page number for the client's current training phase. Our team is aware of the issue and currently investigating.
  • The page becomes unresponsive when updating billing information (Open): Some account owners may run into an issue with updating billing information. If you experience this issue, please reach out to our support team at
  • Unable to load pages and/or logged out intermittently on MacOS Safari Web Browser (Open): Users on MacOS Safari 16.4 and above may experience difficulty when loading certain web pages on the Trainerize web platform. We've also had reports that some users may experience being logged out unexpectedly when using the web version of Trainerize. If you are experiencing these issues, as a workaround, please use a private Safari window or alternatively, use the Google Chrome Browser. If the issue(s) persist, please contact our support at
  • Clients unable to purchase a product when the client list is full (Open): When a business's clients' seats are full, new clients may be unable to purchase a new product. If you are running into this issue, we have provided a workaround here: Sell products when the client list is full 

 iOS apps (ABC Trainerize App and Custom Branded Apps):

  • Apple Health Metrics May not Sync Over Despite Troubleshooting (Open): We have had some reports that certain metrics such as Steps, Sleep, etc may not be syncing from Apple Health to ABC Trainerize for users. The issue may persist beyond troubleshooting. Our team is currently investigating. If you or a client are experiencing this, please reach out to our support at
  • Body Weight Information from Apple Health is Inaccurate on ABC Trainerize (Open)We are aware of a discrepancy between the body weight information that a user sees on their Apple Health account and the number they see appear on ABC Trainerize. Our team is currently investigating. If you wish to remove this permission in the meantime, please do so via your Settings > Health > Fitness App permissions. 
  • Users with Apple Watch Experience Slowness/Performance Issues when Tracking a Workout (Open): We have had some users with Apple Watches report that the app may slow down, drain the battery excessively, or experience other performance related issues when tracking a workout via the mobile application. While our team continues to investigate this issue, uninstalling/disabling the ABC Trainerize Apple Watch application may help resolve the issue. Read more about it here.
  • Personal Best Animation Missing When Completing a Workout (Open): We are aware of an issue where the personal best animation may be missing when completing workouts for iOS users. This issue is caused by an incompatibility with the "Increase Contrast" setting on iOS devices and can be resolved by disabling this setting. Please read more about it and how to temporarily resolve the issue here.
  • Meal Photos Appear Blank (Open): We have had reports that for some users, after uploading a meal photo via the application, the meal photo may appear as either a blank or a grey image. Our team is currently investigating.

Android apps (ABC Trainerize App and Custom Branded Apps):

  • "Entry has been deleted" Issue (Open): Users on Android devices have reported that navigating away from the app or locking their device causes the app to force close their workout tracker with the error message that their entry has been deleted. Our team is currently investigating. Please reach out to our support at if you are experiencing this issue.
  • Keyboard Unusable in Meal Tracker when Camera Permissions are set to "Not Allowed" (Open): When using the in-app meal tracker, pulling up the keyboard to search for food items or enter details in for a meal may cause the onscreen keyboard to disappear or become unusable. Please note, this issue only occurs if the camera permissions for the app are set to "Not Allowed." Our team is aware of the issue and investigating.
    • To resolve this issue or the time being: Hold down the icon of the ABC Trainerize application on your Home Screen > App Info > Permissions >  Camera > Allow only while using app > Restart the ABC Trainerize application.


Third-Party Integrations



  • Clients who have completed multiple General type Cardio Activities may cause incorrect time milestones.
  • Clients unable to see HR Data in the ABC Trainerize App
  • Frequent notifications from Fitbit showing all cardio activities (ie: multiple walking events for short distances) 


  • Coupon code is currently inactive/unavailable. Our team is investigating in the meantime. 

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  • 0
    Nicholas Sgherzi

    You guys seriously need to fix the timer and music issue ASAP. It's very annoying and I'm just about done with the app altogether, I see that you all updated the app just yesterday according to the Android Play Store, yet you still haven't fixed the music/timer issue. What's the deal? This app has a ton of bugs...

  • 0

    When the Rest timer ends it pauses music playing. How much longer will it take you to fix this issue. It may seem like a small thing, but know that it is not? This is causing a gym rat and workout fanatic such as myself, a great deal of dissatisfaction and frustration with the use of your app. What is it going to take? I'm also bringing this to the attention of my trainer. It may be necessary to use another app instead.

  • 0
    Jonathan Wykes

    Hi Guys,

    The app is now no longer loading in iOS on my phone so I cannot even use the app at all. If you are working on a fix can you please add the Apple Watch beta 2 stuff so that it tracks the exercises that I set on my watch I am so sick of having to track it in both places I want to go out for a run and not take my phone but they don’t talk to each other. Super frustrating!!!

  • 0
    Andrew Crepea

    Android app will not accept my password which I know is correct and won't send the password reset link. I dropped this app in 2016 because it was annoyingly buggy. Nothing has changed?

  • 0

    Cant login to the app and no password sent to either inbox or junk? Please help

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