What's new in the Trainerize 6 Custom Branded Apps


We’ve been working hard behind the scenes, and we are happy to announce that we are preparing to officially release Trainerize 6 on September 27th. This is a brand new mobile app rebuilt from the ground up, and redesigned to give your clients a better experience and improved app stability!

Once this new version of Trainerize is out into the world, it will allow us to layer on new functionality like introducing client goals and habits, adding the much requested Apple/HealthKit integration, and bringing multi-metric challenges to the app.

The new app has everything:

  • A slick new look - impress your clients and members with the ultimate user experience and best in class industry design standards
  • Best in class features - engage your clients with video messages, new achievements, fresh animations, goal tracking, RPE workout ratings, and more
  • More power under the hood - do things faster and keep clients happy using the app

To-do list in app

Here's what to expect in your Trainerize Custom Branded Apps:


FRESH NEW COLORS.We've updated the graphics for scheduled workouts and activities and standardized the colors throughout the app:

    • BLUE for workouts
    • GREEN for cardio activities
    • ORANGE for goals, meals and progress measurements

THE CLIENT DASHBOARD REIMAGINED. Experience a new way to track your daily things to do, progress, and achievements. It’s easy to use and gives you everything you need to know at a glance.

 A NEW SIMPLIFIED WAY TO TRACK WORKOUTS. No more wondering whether to “Check In” or “Track Stats”. Now you can just press “START” and log your stats as you go. When you’re done, hit “SAVE”. 

TRACK GOALS. It’s now easier to measure progress toward your health and fitness goals right from the plans page. Crush your exercise, nutrition and lifestyle goals by keeping track of them daily!

RATE YOUR WORKOUT INTENSITY. Let you trainer know how difficult (or easy) a workout was and how you felt doing it with the new RPE feature! Your trainer will instantly receive your feedback so they can assess your workouts and help you better achieve your goals.

UPDATED ACHIEVEMENTS AND PERSONAL BESTS. We are excited to announce that new and improved achievements and personal bests (with badges!) are here for workouts and activities. Start earning them!

NEW VIDEO MESSAGES. Video messages are finally here! Use this feature to connect with your trainer for a daily dose of motivation, exercise instructions, or other quick sync-ups.

SEND FILES IN MESSAGES. Trainers and clients can now share files in messages including Word documents and PDFs. 

NEW INTERVAL TIMER. By popular demand, we’ve introduced a newly designed interval timer with the ability to fast forward and resume a workout. 

NEW PROGRESS TRACKING. We’ve completely revamped the way we display health and fitness progress. Now you’ll be able to easily access your stats and get a bird’s eye view of your progress over time. When comparing 2 progress photos, you can also download that comparison to your phone as a single photo that you can easily share!

SOCIAL MEDIA SHARING. Clients can now share their wins and their achievements on their favorite social networks in an eye-catching and fun, yet simple way.

TONS OF PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENTS. We’ve simplified, refined, improved, fixed, and corrected lots of tiny features to make the app feel sleek and smooth and to give you a stable and amazing experience. We hope you’ll love using it as much as we’ve enjoyed working on it!

  • Cardio activity "Rowing Machine" has been renamed to "Rower"
  • Updated timer drop down in the workout tracker now includes a list of the 3 most frequently used times
  • Fastest cardio achievement (shown on a client's dashboard) now also displays average pace
  • Personal bests for “timed strength” exercises show volume increase in %
  • Ability to open a client’s profile from inside of a private message thread by tapping on the hamburger or "..." button
  • Ability to jump to most recent messages when reading older messages in a thread by clicking “New” button
  • New tooltips added throughout the app to guide new trainers/clients on how to use the workout builder, calendar, workout tracker, and graphs
  • When comparing 2 progress photos, users can download that comparison to their gallery as a single photo
  • Emails now recognized as hyperlinks in auto messages scheduled in the calendar and when added to training plan details
  • Improved loading performance for training plans with lots of workouts
  • Ability to move around the zoomed-in photo in messenger
  • Goal lines are now showing properly on weight graphs
  • Issues with editing nutrition goal by grams have been corrected
  • A brand new notification sound added for non-message events
  • A new in-app guide that launches the first time you use the app, guiding you through important features and to-dos
  • New achievement tiles celebrating clients' first workout/first cardio activity
  • A consistent process for adding a client's weight whether added from the progress graphs or from a goal
  • Fresh new animations that make it more fun for clients to use the app
  • Brand new summary share screen so that clients can share their wins to Facebook and Instagram in one click
  • Refined flow when scheduling workouts by going Plan > Workout A and scheduling it. We’ve added a large “Schedule” button to make it more clear that you are scheduling items.
  • Refined workout builder flow—especially on Android 
  • We are stoked to hear your thoughts about the Android app. It should feel like a brand new app.
  • Access to timeline and the notifications center from the mobile app
  • Tap and hold functionality for calendar items allowing you to drag and drop them onto different days for quick rescheduling
  • Lower memory footprint and better performance for low/mid-end Android phones
  • Generally larger type faces and UI enhancements
  • You can now access and manage the exercise library on the Android app too


Useful Links:


TRAINER INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO : https://vimeo.com/313903744


CLIENT INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO: https://vimeo.com/313903593


Stay tuned for the full announcement.



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