FAQ (For Trainers): Client Access to the Desktop App is Going Away in Q3 2019

To help you navigate the transition of the client access from the desktop web app, here’s a list of common questions that may come up for you during this process. As more information becomes available, we’ll add it here.


What does this change mean?

With the client web access to training features being retired, clients will not be able to use the desktop web app for training related purposes (i.e., tracking workouts, viewing their calendar and their progress stats). This change is expected to take place as early as Q3 2019.

Trainer access to the web app does not change, you will still have access to the web app and all of its features as well as the mobile app.


Why the transition from the desktop web access for your clients' training features?

For the past year, we have been designing a new and improved Trainerize mobile app. This is a brand new app that we've rebuilt from the ground up, slated for release later this year.

The New Trainerize app will make the client experience smoother by tackling head-on the performance issues some of your clients are having right now (especially on Android). It will also allow for the introduction of some new exciting features and integrations that are mobile-centric like tracking meals, goals, and habits, which we’ll be releasing later this Summer. However, these new features require on-the-go entry via the mobile app, or pairing with an Apple Watch or Fitbit and are therefore not compatible with a web version of the app.

That said, with all these upcoming changes and new features on the horizon we feel that the best way to serve you and your clients is to dedicate our team’s creativity and energy to the development of this new powerful mobile app.


What information can clients still update on the web?

Clients will still be able to log in to the desktop web app to update their profile and securely manage payment information.


How will my clients be notified about this change?

We’ll be notifying clients still using the web app of these upcoming changes, but we’d appreciate your help passing the message along to your clients.


What should I do before the transition?

As we lead up to the transition, the only thing we recommend you do is encourage any clients currently using the web app to slowly switch over to the mobile app.

You do not need to make any other changes on your end.


What's the timeline for the transition? How will it happen?

We've extended our timeline for the transition to Q3 2019. The transition will be happening after the launch of The New Trainerize Mobile App.

  • Before client access to the web app is changed in any way, clients and trainers will receive The New Trainerize App.

  • Once this new app is released, there will be an interim period where clients will still be able to access both the web and mobile versions of Trainerize. This will allow us to do some additional checks and testing, and make sure all issues (including stability and performance on Android) have been remedied by the The New Trainerize App before removing web access for clients.

  • Only once The New Trainerize App has been fully tested and our team is satisfied that there are no major outstanding performance issues will we begin to retiring web access for training features for clients.

How will this affect my clients?

While less than 2% of Trainerize clients use the web app, you may have some clients who prefer the desktop version.

There will be a period of overlap between when The New Trainerize App is released and when client access to the web app is retired, but it’s best to inform clients about this change as soon as possible and encourage them to gradually start making the switch over to mobile.


  • Clients who prefer printing their workouts. We know that many of you have clients who are less tech-savvy, who are unable to bring their phones with them into their gyms, or who prefer the low-fi simplicity of using printed workouts.

    While clients will no longer have the ability to print workouts themselves, as their trainer you still have the power to print or email pdf workouts for in-person clients or clients without app access.

    We are also actively looking into a solution for the client receiving a printable PDF copy of their workouts and we promise to keep you updated with our progress on this.


  • Clients who accessed their progress and calendar graphs on the computer. We are working on moving many of the desktop features to mobile in the near future. This process is already underway as the The New Trainerize Mobile App will include an upgraded calendar with drag and drop functionality and improved progress graphs.


  • Clients who require a bigger screen size. For clients who struggle with small text or buttons, we’re excited to share that The New Trainerize App will include larger font sizes for better legibility on larger phones. Dynamic text is something we’re looking into for future upgrades. If you would like to learn more about these upgrades, please subscribe to this idea thread so we can notify you of our progress.

    Also note that the mobile app does function on tablets, so clients can see an enlarged version of the app and exercise videos without needing to use a computer.


  • Clients who mention stability issues on the mobile app. Some of your clients may have opted to use the web app because of stability issues with the mobile version. In these cases, The New Trainerize App will provide your clients with a more reliable mobile experience allowing them to untether from their computers and take their fitness with them everywhere they go.


  • Clients who are overall more accustomed to the web app. Inform clients about this change as soon as possible and encourage them to slowly make the shift to the mobile app.

    Feel free to use our mobile app walkthrough video to educate clients about the mobile app and help them make the transition.


Additional help and resources


What if I have more questions?

If you need help or have unanswered questions about this change, please feel free to reach out to us and express your concerns, we always welcome your feedback and we use it as an opportunity to learn and improve.

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