What are Client Tags and How Do I Use Them?


Client Tags are a way to organize or sort your clients in Trainerize.

Client tags work like categories, grouping together similar clients so that you can quickly and easily find who you are looking for or complete bulk actions, like subscribing multiple clients to a program or sending a group message. 

Client tags are 100% customizable, so it's up to you how many you create and what you call them.

For example:

  • Are you running a limited-time challenge? Tag participants with a tag called “Challenge”
  • Are you training clients in different cities? Tag them by their locations to make scheduling group video chats easier
  • Want to monitor your new leads more closely? Tag clients by the promotion such as "Thanksgiving Promo" or "New Year Discount"
  • Are you training athletes? Tag them by their sport 

To create or manage your custom client tags:

1. Click Settings

2. Click on Client Tags under the Advanced Business section




Once you created your Custom Tags, you can assign the tags to different clients from the Clients tab.

In the left-hand side menu:

1. Click on Clients

2. Click the blue Add Filter drop-down menu then select By Tag

3. Choose the tag you want to filter clients by. Custom Tags are at the bottom of the list. 



That's it! Now you can easily filter your clients using your own custom tags and streamline your work. You can also use custom clients tags to easily message clients at once, add them to Groups or invoice them with Trainerize Pay.


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