Generate Grocery Shopping Lists with the Smart Meal Planner



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This client-side feature can be accessed on the mobile app to generate grocery shopping lists based on their smart meal plan. 

In this article we'll show you how your clients can generate, refresh, and use their grocery shopping lists to shop for their smart meals! 


How to generate a grocery shopping list (client view on mobile): 

  • Navigate to your meal plan (select the Fork and Knife icon on the bottom of your screen) > 
  •  Select the Grocery Basket icon > Select the Number of People (Ex: 1 [only for myself]) > Hit the Generate button > View your smart meal plan grocery shopping list! 

      Grocery list_CLIENT_MOB_1.jpg  Grocery list_CLIENT_MOB_38.jpg  Grocery list_CLIENT_MOB_47.png



Check off items and/or refresh your grocery shopping list (client view on mobile) 

  • Check off items on your grocery shopping list by selecting the round tick box next to each item. (see image below) 

  • De-select items or uncheck the tick box by tapping the same item a second time OR de-select all items by hitting the blue Uncheck all option. (see image below) 

  • To refresh the list/change the number of people you are shopping for:
    • hit the blue REFRESH option located at the top of the screen.

      Grocery list_CLIENT_MOB_47 (1).png

What happens if clients try to access this feature from the web (desktop app): 

  • The grocery shopping list generator is a mobile-only feature designed for on-the-go shopping.

    Grocery list_CLIENT_19.jpg



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