What happens to my custom mobile app if I downgrade my account?

To obtain and continue having a custom mobile app, you need to be on a Studio 30 plan or higher.

If you downgrade your account below a Studio 30 plan:

Your app will be removed from the app store (both the Apple and Google Play stores) and no longer available for download.

To ensure your remaining clients can access your mobile training app:

You will need to notify your clients to delete your old custom app from their mobile device, then download and install the generic branded Trainerize app (search "Trainerize" in the app stores). Once installed, they can use their existing username and password to login.

Should you decide to upgrade to an eligible Studio plan at a later date, you will then need to go through the app submission process again. You will then choose either the Express Setup or Guided Setup method and you will be charged accordingly, depending on the chosen setup. 


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