Custom Branded App: How do I transition to a Custom Branded Mobile App?


Once your custom app is live and published, any messaging that says "download the app" will point to your new custom app (i.e. when you invite a new client, the link will go to download the [Your Custom App Name] app). Read our article on How to get the Custom Branded App


We will help you migrate clients already using Trainerize onto your new Custom Branded Fitness App by sending them instructions for accessing the new app on your behalf.


If you have been using a previous version of a custom app and would like more information about migrating clients to your new custom app, view our other help article:

How do I/my clients get moved over to the new Custom Branded App?


No data will be lost in the transitioning between Trainerize and your new custom app, and your trainers/clients can still interact between the old and new app during transition.


Until a client or trainer has downloaded and signed into the new custom app, all notifications are sent to the old app. Once they sign into the new custom app, Trainerize will switch all their notifications over.

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