How do I transition to a Custom Branded Mobile App

Once your custom app is live and published, any messaging that says "download the app" will point to your new custom app (i.e. when you invite a new client, the link will go to download the [Your Custom App Name] app).

During the transition process, if a user hasn't downloaded and signed in with the new [Your Custom App Name] app, all notifications are sent to the old app. Once they sign in with the new custom app, Trainerize will cut-over the notifications to Your Custom Mobile App.

Your trainers/clients can still interact between the old and new app during transition, we will route them to the proper version depending on if they've transitioned or not.

Once the app is published, we'll also offer you - the Owner - the option to send out a mass email that contains instructions to download the new app and delete the old one.

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