What are Interval workouts?

The Interval workouts appear as a unique workout type in Trainerize. They are engaging, video-centric and highly customizable. Trainers can build and deliver one continuous interval workout with multiple exercises to be completed in a structured and timed fashion; there is no need to create separate workouts. 

  • Create customized workout types for HIIT, Tabata, and other forms of interval training, such as Crossfit and cardio training.
  • Interval workouts feature an advanced interval timer for each exercise and a count-down timer for the entire workout. Trainers can customize exercise duration and rest time.
  • The voiceover feature announces the names of the workouts and the time left on the clock; clients no longer have to look at their mobile app and can focus on the workout.
  • Trainers have the ability to create an interval workout with any Trainerize videos or custom video exercises.
  • Videos for each exercise become accessible as you go through each interval. If you watch the video, the interval automatically pauses, and after watching the video, the interval timer resumes.
  • There is the ability for both clients and trainers to track total reps for each exercise in the interval workout after it's been completed.


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