How do I add new exercise videos with Trainerize Video Drive (web app)

Instead of using the YouTube integration to bring in your own custom videos, you can upload videos directly to Trainerize. Turn this on for a seamless, high quality and ad-free video experience for you and your clients. Uploading exercise videos directly in Trainerize makes sure they are protected and cannot be shared outside the app.

Video drive is enabled by default for Pro, Studio and Enterprise accounts.

Uploading a Video to The Video Drive:

To begin adding videos, go to 'Exercises' in the main dropdown menu. To upload a video from your computer, click '+New'. 

 If you select '+New' you'll be taken to this screen, where you'll just drop a video file from your computer onto the grey area, or click 'Select file'. Don't forget to enter the name, type, instructions and tags on the right hand side.


That's it! You just created a new custom exercise with your own video.  

You can also upload videos to the Trainerize video drive directly from your iOS app. (If you’re an Android user, you’ll have to upload from the web.)


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