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What's in this Article? 


What is the TZ storefront?  

  • We have partnered with WRKOUT – a product recommendation platform to launch TZ Storefront - which helps you share products you love and earn cash rewards from every purchase.  

  • Use the TZ Storefront within WRKOUT to create recommendations from any of the 40+ most popular brands (Supplements, equipment, and/or apparel) and share them with your clients, friends, or family!   (See how to create recommendations below). 
    Any purchases made from your recommendations will turn into a cash payment –Our partner WRKOUT will handle shipping, returns, and any other transaction-related queries. 
  • As a Trainerize Payments subscriber, you receive an additional 3% in cash rewards on top of 10-15% you'll earn on every sale.

    • This platform is only available to Trainerize Payments subscribers in the US and Canada only. 


How do I sign up? 

Create an account and start earning cash rewards today! Here's how

  • Click the Banner at the top of your overview page:




  • Sign up via your payments tab!
    • Payments Tab > Click Products Tab > Select the blue  Sign Up for Free Banner at the top of your screen  > Create your TZ Storefront account! 

      Screenshot 2023-11-22 at 12.41.29.png





How do I get started? 

Check out this overview demo of the TZ Storefront

 See how to make a recommendation below: 


What are product bundles? See how to use them and earn more below:

  • Note: Orders placed via the Canadian version of TZ Storefront ship within Canada only, while orders placed via the American version of the TZ Storefront ship within the US only.  

Have any questions?

  • The -WRKOUT Team at is standing by to answer any questions or concerns you may have about the TZ Storefront! 

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