When creating a custom Zap what actions and triggers are available for Trainerize?

Zapier consists of “Triggers” and “Actions”

Here's an example of a Zap:

When I receive a new PayPal payment for online training, setup that new client as an account in Trainerize.

The first part (receiving payment) is the trigger. The second part (creating the client account) is the action.

Another example:

When I create a new client in Trainerize, add that client to a MailChimp mailing list.

The first part (create a new client) is the trigger. The second part (add client to mailing list) is the action.

You can create Zaps like these with Zapier without knowing anything about code.

Basically it boils down to “When this happens in one app” > “Do this in another app”.


Trainerize Triggers and Actions:

New Client: Triggers when a new client is created.

Create Client: Creates a new client in Trainerize

Assign To: Assign a Trainerize Client to a trainer

Add next training plan: Add next training plans by copying from another client

Deactivate Client: Deactivates a Trainerize Client


Trainerize provides support for the use of the Shared Zaps. Any other connections made with Zapier will be supported by Zapier's help team. 


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