Setting Up The YouTube Add-On (Batch Import)

You can setup your Trainerize site with your own exercises with you or another trainer as the model. You will need to upload videos to your own YouTube channel, which you can then import into your Trainerize exercise library. You can upload them 1 by 1 from the exercise library page, or you can upload numerous videos at once, which we call 'The Batch Import'. 

Step 1: Connect your YouTube account

  1. Navigate to the Add-Ons tab > then Integrations
  2. Scroll down to Video Hosting
  3. Select "Connect To Your Account"


Step 2: Mass import your exercises from YouTube

  1. Navigate to the Add-Ons tab > then Integrations 
  2. Scroll down to Video Hosting
  3. Click "Import YouTube Videos"


  4. Select the videos you wish to import.
  5. Edit the names of the videos from your 'Exercise Library' page (Custom videos) and add text for the exercise descriptions. 

After the mass import, you can always continue to re-import if you wish to update the videos linked with exercises. 


Important Note: You cannot make your YouTube channel private. Youtube videos must be set to 'Public' or 'Unlisted'. Private Youtube videos cannot be streamed through other applications (like Trainerize). If you do not want your videos found by others on YouTube, you can set the videos to 'unlisted' so they cannot be found on YouTube unless you share the direct link. 


Note **Turn off ads on your videos so it doesn't show related video's or ads when clients use the mobile app. See below where to do this in YouTube. youtubeads.PNG

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