How does the MINDBODY add-on work?

You can use MINDBODY for scheduling appointments and collecting payments from your clients. The add-on with Trainerize allows you to keep your clients on MINDBODY in sync with your Trainerize account. 

For example, you may manage 100 clients on MindBody. And if you'd like to offer online training to 30 of them, you can pull in those 30 clients into your Trainerize account. Once you add-on MindBody to your Trainerize account, you will see a pop-up wizard highlighting all your clients from MindBody and you can check off the clients you wish to import. We can only pull in clients that have an email address. 

Below are instructions on connecting your MindBody account to your Trainerize account: 

Step 1: Find your MindBody Site ID

You can find your Site ID when you sign into your MindBody site. In the example of the screenshot below, the site ID is: -223




Step 2: Enter your MindBody site ID into Trainerize

  • Login to your Trainerize web account
  • Click on "Add-Ons" in the bottom left hand corner
  • Scroll down until you see "Scheduling and Management"
  • Expand the "MindBody" option by clicking on the arrow to the left of the MindBody logo
  • Input your MindBody ID 
  • Click "Connect" 


Step 3: Activate your MindBody add-on.

  • Then click the "Authorize On MindBody" (green button), which will appear after completing the previous step. 


Step 4: Authorize Trainerize on MindBody Online

Once you click "Authorize on MindBody", a new browser tab will open up prompting you to login to your MindBody account. 

Make sure you sign in with your main business owner account. Only this account has the rights to authorize add-ons to work with MindBody Online. If you are not sure of your login for this, please contact your MindBody Online support rep to find out.



Step 5: Return to Trainerize to Try to Establish Connection

Once you successfully log into your MindBody site, navigate back to your Trainerize site. You will now notice the green button showing "Try connecting to MINDBODY". Click the green button, and it'll link the two sites together



Step 6: Import Your Clients

Once the two sites are linked up, you can then import your clients by clicking on "Import clients from MINDBODY"



Select the clients you wish to import, by checking off their names, and click "Import"


What happens after you import clients? 

  • Once you import the clients, they will be added to your system. The welcome mailer will be sent out as usual. Of course, you can configure the sequence of automated notifications and events.
  • Make sure to switch into their accounts and set them up on a training plan. 
  • If your business owner deauthorizes Trainerize as an add-on or changes their credentials, the import may fail. Simply disconnect the add-on and reconnect.
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