[Video] Paypal: Collecting client payments

You can collect payments from clients via PayPal by inserting a PayPal payment button into your Trainerize web site. Clients can select the plan they're interested in from your options and then pay you online, directly!

Currently, PayPal is the only payment option that can be used with the Trainerize Site Designer. Other payment options can be used and embedded into more customizable website design systems like those found at WixSquarespace, etc.



You can embed a Paypal payment widget into your Trainerize site (or any other website) by following the steps below: 

  1. Use the Wizard on the paypal site at this link here. With the PAYPAL widget wizard, you can customize and create the ‘Buy Now’ button you need for your pricing plans and also connect it to your PAYPAL account.
  2. Once you create the button, the PAYPAL wizard will provide you with HTML code - copy the HTML code from the PAYPAL Wizard.
  3. Now go into the site designer on your Trainerize site, and click on the customize box where you want to add your PayPal button. When you click customize there will be a toolbar at the top of the box that opens. On that toolbar there is a little button that says PayPal. Click there, and paste the HTML code from PayPal into the box. now your buy now button is created. 

You can choose to make a one time fee button or a recurring type payment option. Please see your PayPal customer service for all available options. 

See an example of a "Services" page and an installed PayPal button on our demo site: http://gym.trainerize.com/Plans-And-Schedule 



You can only have one Paypal button per page on your site. 

Please email us at help@trainerize.com if you need any help with this.


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