Attending To Clients Needing Attention

You may have noticed in our newest release that your clients are now color coded! We have added these colors to make you aware when clients are needing attention. It's easy to understand, and helps you see at a glance how your clients are all doing, and who needs attention.

The colors are Red (urgent) and Orange (mildly urgent). If a client's name is grey they are up to date and don't require attention. 

Some examples of activity that gets flagged orange:

  • No sign-ins in the last month: Just a warning to help you engage less active customers. Some customers may be following your workouts by just printing them or browsing on their phone without tracking.

  • Training plan ending soon: Just a reminder. We automatically ask your clients to message you with any feedback near the end date.

Some examples of activity that gets flagged red:

  • Not setup after 3 days: When a client is added, Trainerize sends out a welcome e-mail with a setup link. This indicates they have not setup their account with the link after 3 days of being added. Their spam filters might be set too high and junking all e-mails from you, or they are having other technical problems.

    You can try to: Follow up with an e-mail from your own e-mail address, or a phone-call.
    Manually e-mail the welcome link. Get it from a client's profile, then Admin > Get Welcome Link.
    Get client to add to their address book.

  • Training plan ended: Switch into the client's account, then make a new training plan. It's also a good idea to message your client a personalized follow-up a few days into the new training plan.

  • Empty workout plan / No workouts in training plan: Switch into the client's account, then add or copy workouts to their training plan.

To encourage usage, you can try to:

  • Encourage clients to check-in as they workout. The app shows previous stats so have them try to better those each time.
  • Send follow-up and encouragement messages routinely, so they'll reply in-app.
  • Document your clients' progress with photos in-app.

Our trainers have noticed the more frequently a client relies on the app, the more indispensable your online service becomes, the higher your customer renewal rate will be.

Turning off sign-in/setup warnings:

If you use Trainerize only for client management and do not require sign-in, disable all client sign-ons and notifications and these warnings will be hidden on your client page.


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