How do I setup a client's custom program?

Once you've built workouts and created a Training Phases for your client you can then schedule Workouts, Cardio, Photo and Body Stats reminders into their calendar or the calendar of a Master Program. They'll get a notification on the day the events are scheduled in their calendar. Auto messages get sent as an instant message and are not seen in advance by clients in their calendars. 


Events are colour coded. Any event on the calendar that is completed will be a solid colour with a check mark and any event that is scheduled in the future will be empty (outlined or hollow) with no check mark.


Color codes:

  • Workout = blue square
  • Cardio = green circle
  • Body Stats = orange triangle
  • Photo Reminder = yellow triangle
  • Auto Message = blue chat bubble 

To add an event to the calendar:

1. Click on any date you wish to schedule an event

2. From the pop-up window choose either Workout, Cardio, Body Stats, Photo Reminder or Auto Message

  • Workout - you'll choose from the list of Workouts in the Training Phases
  • Cardio Activity - you'll choose from the list of Cardio options and then set a target (optional)
  • Body Stats
  • Photo Reminder
  • Auto Message

3. You can then choose to make the event repeat each week on the same day for a specified number of weeks using the "Repeat" option. Click "Add". 

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