Successive Multiple Training Plans: How do I Edit and Program them?

You can use multiple Training Plans in Trainerize in order to make things more efficient. This features allows you to create several training plans in advance, so that when one ends, the next one will begin automatically.

Here's an example. If you're selling a 3 month get-in-shape bootcamp, you might want to set it up as follows:

Training Plan 1: 4 weeks - Strength training 3 days a week, cardio 3 days a week

Training Plan 2: 4 weeks - Strength training 4 days a week with new exercises, cardio 3 days a week. 

Training Plan 3: 4 weeks - Strength training 5 days a week, HIIT 3 days a week.

If you set up Training Plan 1 through 3 and set each for 4 weeks, when one 'phase' ends, the next will automatically begin, and notify your client. This saves you time and the need to remember when each client begins each phase. 


Clients can only see and track workouts in the current training plan. Workouts in future training plans will become visible to the client on day 1 of the new training plan. Trainers will be able to see their client's previous/completed training plans. This will only be effective moving forward; previously deleted training plans will not be archived. 


Step 1

To begin, add a Training Plan. If your client already has a training plan, this plan will be the current training plan, and you can skip this step.   

  • Name the Training Plan
  • Set the scheduled start and end dates for the first training plan
  • Click "Save" 


Step 2

Now, you can add a second training plan by clicking on the "+Add New" button. The new Training Plan will automatically become active on the start date you select. The software will select the next available date after the first training plan ends as the default start date for the second training plan. You can move this date back if you would like to delay the next training plan. Training Plan start and/or end dates cannot overlap. A client can only be on one Training Plan at a time.


Once you have multiple Training Plans scheduled, you can see them listed on the left hand side of the client's Training Plan page.



If you would like to remove a training plan from the list or extend a training plan, select the plan by clicking on the one you wish to modify (indicated by the blue highlight to the left of the box) and then go to the "More" menu in the top right. From this dropdown menu you can:

  • Delete the training plan out of the list
  • Delete the training plan and have the next Training plan start earlier (to close the time gap), or,
  • Extend the selected training plan by a number of weeks, which will push back the entire schedule of training plans


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