How can I setup my clients workouts?

You can create Workout Templates in your own library that you can then copy into an individual Client's Training Plan OR you can create a new workout directly from within a client's library.


Setting up your client's Training Plans, using your Workout Templates

You can create Workout Templates of exercise routines, and then copy them to a client's Training Plan to get them up and running quickly. Once you copy a Workout Template to a client, you can then make adjustments at the client level - without affecting your main workout templates. To copy Workout Templates to a client, follow these steps: 


Step 1

  • Login to your Trainerize web app
  • Click on Templates in the left hand menu
  • From the list of Workout Templates, choose the ones you want to copy to a client by selecting the checkboxes next to them
  • From the menu at the top click "Copy" 


Step 2

  • A two column window will pop-up - Copy from "Workout Templates" - Copy to "Clients"
  • In the right column where it says "Clients to copy to" begin typing the name of the client you want to copy the templates to - it will auto-populate as you type
  • To select additional Workout Templates that you may want to copy - you can click and drag Workout Templates from the left column and drop them on the right (indicated by the blue arrow)
  • Then click the green Copy button
  • This will copy the selected Workout Templates into the specific client's Current Training Plan (the currently active Training Plan)



Setting up your client's Training Plans, by creating Workout Templates in a client profile

You can create a new Workout Template directly from within a client's profile. These Workout Templates will exist exclusively in the chosen client's Profile and NOT in your Workout Templates. (However, you can copy the Workout Template from a client to your Workout Templates later should you need to.)
Step 1
  • From the left hand menu click in the "Find a client" search box at the top left
  • From the slide-out begin typing the name of the client you wish to locate
  • Click on "Open" to the right of the client's name


Step 2

  • From the menu at the top click on "Training Plan"
  • From the main screen click on "Build New Workout" (green button)


Then build a Workout Template like you would when building it in the Workout Template Library.


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